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szauna_2sauna, interior

szauna_1sauna, interior



szaunasauna, interior


szauna_8sauna, interior




szauna_10sauna, interior

szauna_9sauna, interior


szauna_1sauna, interior


szaunak-saune-2sauna + wooden furniture


szaunak-saune-4beltéri szauna




szauna-fahazak-brasso2Sauna szauna-fahazak-brasso3Sauna szauna-fahazak-brassoSauna
Barrel saunaBarrel sauna

Barrel saunaBarrel sauna


Barrel saunaBarrel sauna

Barrel saunaBarrel sauna


Barrel saunaBarrel sauna

barrel saunabarrel sauna

barrel saunabarrel sauna


barrel saunabarrel sauna

barrel saunabarrel sauna


barrel saunabarrel sauna

Sauna houses


We can create free-standing saunas in your garden, that has the advantage of that more people can enjoy it at the same time as it is normally lager than the one inside the house. This also a lovely ornament in your garden, where in the beautiful setting you can retreat or rest.

SauneSauna house

szaunahazak-saune-rb2Sauna house

szaunakSauna house


szaunak-saune-b4Sauna house


szaunahazak-saune-rb1Sauna house


szaunahazak-saune-rb4Sauna house

szaunak-saune-b3Sauna house


szaunak-saune-b5Sauna house


szaunahazak-saune-rb3Sauna house


szaunahazak-saune-rb5Sauna house

szaunahazsauna house szaunahaz_2sauna house szaunahazak-Isauna house
szaunahazak-a1sauna house

szaunahazak-a2sauna house


szaunahazak-a3sauna house

szaunahazak-alaprajz1sauna house
szauna_11 szauna_110ground plan
szauna_121 szauna_120ground plan
szaunahaz-furdodezsa2sauna house with plunge tub

szaunahaz-furdodezsasauna house with plunge tub


szaunahaz-bcsszk2sauna, interior

szaunahaz-bcsszksauna, interior


szaunahaz-bcsszk3sauna, interior

Barrel sauna

hordoszauna_1Barrel sauna

hordoszauna_6Barrel sauna

hordoszauna_4Barrel sauna

hordoszauna_5Barrel sauna

hordoszauna_belsoBarrel sauna

hordoszauna_belso_2Barrel sauna, interior

hordoszauna_belso_3Barrel sauna, interior

The material used for the sauna is first class pine which is perfect for outdoor use.

The thickness of the wall is 40 mm and the furniture is made of extra quality linden and contains:

  •  two pieces of sauna benches ( 200x 60 cm)
  •  two headrests, two backrests, grids
  •  frame that protects the stove

The wooden door is paneled and glassed-in. The rims are made of stainless steel and are equipped with clamping screws.

There are benches in the hall of the sauna which can be used for resting.

szaunak-saune-tub2Barrel sauna and hot tubs

szaunak-saune-tub1Barrel sauna and hot tubs


szaunak-saune-tub3Barrel sauna

szaunak-saune-tub4Barrel sauna and hot tubs


szaunak-saune-tub6Barrel sauna

hordoszaunak-lr2Barrel sauna

hordoszaunak-lr3Barrel sauna and hot tubs


hordoszaunak-lr1Barrel sauna

dezsafurdok-hordoszaunak-lr4Barrel sauna and hot tubs


dezsafurdok-hordoszaunak-lr5Barrel sauna and hot tubs

hordószaunák-1Barrel sauna

hordószaunák-2Barrel sauna


hordószaunák-7Barrel sauna

hordószaunák-6Barrel sauna


hordószaunák-8Barrel sauna

 hordószaunák-9Barrel sauna

hordószaunák-12Barrel sauna

hordószaunák-13Barrel sauna

About sauna


If you look at the little world of saunas, you will learn, that this purpose is necessary to be establish a separate room. For this purpose, -in our opinion-, is the best to have a sauna-house. The sauna-house is a wooden stucture, which is capable of supplying and service the adjecent room and the sauna. It has to be big enough to house the sauna and  adjecent room, with shower or dipping-tub. If you designed a sufficiently large sauna house, you may want a separate toilet and wash room. If you want to enhance the pleasant moments in the sauna, you should get a timber plunge tub, which would be best placed next to the sauna. It is important, that it has large windows to see the garden thru the year at any time of day.

The sauna-house is constructed, like all small timber house, takes no more than 1-2 day to complete.

Our carefully selected, heat-treated pine, which undergo several days of treatment, the best building material in the lining of the sauna-house. Inside the sauna doesn't need to be painted or primed, but we can cure it, to customer's request. These timber houses were tailored to customer requests, in which we offer a separate room and the bathroom that has a wash basin and a dipping-tub.

Sauna house with plunge tub

Plunge tub with sauna housePlunge tub with sauna house

plunge tubplunge tub

cottages|garages and stables|garden furnitures|plunge tubs|saunas|cum construim o casă din lemn?